Non-laser pigmentation & Tattoo removal

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At all times, we prioritize client safety and confidentiality.  We use only the finest and all-natural pigments and state-of the-art tools and equipment.  We make 100 percent certain that clients are suitable candidates for service.  We place utmost emphasis on pre- and post-treatment service, making certain you are pleased with your decision and promising to adjust any areas of concern.

Non-laser pigmentation & Tattoo removal

The safest and most affordable method of pigment or tattoo removal from the skin is non laser.  By implanting a safe and proven solution that works to extract the tattoo from the inside out, it is the opposite of heating the skin and the pigment molecules to the point of fragmentation, which laser does, thus creating the possibility of complications such as hyper and hypo pigmentation, scarring and color reactions.  Non laser pigment and tattoo removal is best for small to medium sized areas and several sessions are required.  Often a combination of non laser and laser is recommended by experts for saturated tattoos that are difficult to remove, though non-laser alone is highly effective.  Non laser is decidedly safer for permanent makeup than laser.  Every removal carries some element of risk; non laser carries the lowest and this often comes down to technician experience and knowledge of healing and the complex structure of the skin during and after pigment and tattoo removal.

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