Scalp micropigmentation in action


Having the opportunity to take our art and use it to help people, to solve concerns, to restore confidence and self esteem and to welcome back smiles and relief is the true joy of our work.  Nothing is more rewarding than what we do, and with our level of training, skill and expertise, we feel confident in saying we do it best.  We know this because of the friends and family that follow our clients, and in the testimonials and thanks we receive daily.  Never has there been a more exciting time to be in this industry, as it witnesses incredible evolutions and advances in how tattoo can be applied to help people.  At all times, we prioritize client safety and confidentiality.  We use only the finest and all-natural pigments and state-of the-art tools and equipment.  We make 100 percent certain that clients are suitable candidates for service.  We place utmost emphasis on pre- and post-treatment service, making certain you are pleased with your decision and promising to adjust any areas of concern.

Seeing is believing.  Browse our gallery, come in for a visit.  Life’s smartest investments are in ourselves.

Carolyn Yu

Our lead SMP Artisit

Being in the hair restoration industry for 23 years, I have seen over hundreds and hundreds of cases on hair loss and scarring. I completely understand hair loss and the scars a surgery leaves. I grasp how it affects daily life and self esteem. My goal is to help in building  one’s self confidence back by stellar service and improving the appearance of thinning or scarring through “SMP” Scalp Micropigmentation.

While working along side several highly skilled physicians, I’ve been exposed to various scars that required some correcting. I’ve learned how to camouflage such unappealing scars from FUT and FUE scarring through “SMP” Scalp Micropigmentation. In my journey to finding the best way to obscure unsightly scars and conceal thinning areas of hair loss, I became interested and very intrigued in what else Derma-Micropigmentation can offer.  I continued training and learned different techniques. I became certified for Scalp Micropigmentation as well as other micropigmentation services, such as 3-D Areola pigmentation, body scar camouflage and also non-laser pigment removal

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