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At all times, we prioritize client safety and confidentiality.  We use only the finest and all-natural pigments and state-of the-art tools and equipment.  We make 100 percent certain that clients are suitable candidates for service.  We place utmost emphasis on pre- and post-treatment service, making certain you are pleased with your decision and promising to adjust any areas of concern.

Women Baldness

Many women are born with very thin hair, others may experience thinness or hair loss due to a medical, hormonal or stress event, and yet even more women will notice hairline recession during and post menopause.  As women are less inclined to relinquish their existing hair to a full scalp micropigmentation, SMP for women involves the same application of tattooed follicles but is focused more on building density in order to conceal the skin of the scalp.  The tattooed follicles are more densely knitted so that our lady clients can continue with a longer style or an up-do and the areas of hair loss are disguised by the SMP treatment.  Wigs, weaves, and styling products which often do more harm than good can be dispensed with.  A busy lifestyle without fuss or worry about how your hair looks can resume.  SMP for hair loss in women is truly one of the very few cost-effective options available that delivers pure realism and long-lasting resultsBook a complimentary consultation to discuss goals and expectations, and your treatment!

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