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True Micropigmentation Clinic is the preeminent derma-micropigmentation company in Metro-Atlanta, Georgia. We specialize in achieving natural appearing results by using non-surgical methods such as scalp micropigmentation, areola tattooing, scar camouflage and tattoo removal.

 We provide alternative or enhancement solutions for hair loss, thinning and scarring.

Having the opportunity to take our art and use it to help people, to solve concerns, to restore confidence and self esteem and to welcome back smiles and relief is the true joy of our work.  Nothing is more rewarding than what we do, and with our level of training, skill and expertise, we feel confident in saying we do it best.  We know this because of the friends and family that follow our clients, and in the testimonials and thanks we receive daily.  Never has there been a more exciting time to be in this industry, as it witnesses incredible evolutions and advances in how tattoo can be applied to help people.  At all times, we prioritize client safety and confidentiality.  We use only the finest and all-natural pigments and state-of the-art tools and equipment.  We make 100 percent certain that clients are suitable candidates for service.  We place utmost emphasis on pre- and post-treatment service, making certain you are pleased with your decision and promising to adjust any areas of concern. Seeing is believing.  Browse our gallery, come visit us in Atlanta, Georgia.  Life’s smartest investments are in ourselves.

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Scalp Micropigmentation

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Industry experts in SMP services. These include:

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How the process works


Your personal artist meets with you, at your scheduled time, at our office. We consider your time as a priority. Our treatment will reflect your personal style.


We start the treatment with lots of care and precautions are long lasting. Scalp allure treatments last longer than as expected.


When the treatment is completed our artist will consult with final aftercare measures. The final result of your treatment will be as expected

We offer…

SMP Services

SMP – Men

Men worldwide who are experiencing a receding hairline, hair loss at the crown, all over thinning hair, or hair loss in patches, which usually is the sign of further loss to…

SMP – Women

Many women are born with very thin hair, others may experience thinness or hair loss due to a medical, hormonal or stress event, and yet even more women will notice hairline recession during and post menopause…

SMP – Alopecia

Alopecia is the condition of full scalp hair loss and/or full body hair loss.  While believed to be an auto immune disorder, its onset can be sudden and its reversal…

SMP – Scarring

Scalp scarring treated with SMP is typically for clients who have gone through the various methods of hair transplantation.  These may appear as strips, small white dots, or plug scars…