3-D Areola

3-D Areola

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How can TRUE help you?

At all times, we prioritize client safety and confidentiality.  We use only the finest and all-natural pigments and state-of the-art tools and equipment.  We make 100 percent certain that clients are suitable candidates for service.  We place utmost emphasis on pre- and post-treatment service, making certain you are pleased with your decision and promising to adjust any areas of concern.


Breast cancer patients who have lost one or both breasts will have lost their areola.  Gender confirmed clients also look to the art of tattoo for their areola.  Many clients, male or female, have light and/or misshapen areola either naturally or from surgery.  Whatever the reason is that brought you to our website, you are assured a beautifully replicated three-dimensional areola that will deceive even the experts.   Meticulously executed using carefully selected all-natural complementary pigments, your new areola can include as much detail as you ask.  A natural areola will often have many intricacies about them that evolve after childbirth and age and clients may opt for these in the replacement.  Conversely, clients may choose to go simple and without much detail but with a 3-dimensional nipple surrounded by a perfect, soft areola of a suitable size, that looks 100 percent authentic, even when done on flat skin.  Choose TRUEMPC to help you complete a journey and have your confidence and sense of wholeness restored.

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